Our Russian Connection

Our Russian Connection. Are you looking to spend some exciting time with an exciting woman? Look no further than Sonia, a stunning female with drop dead looks and a body you can’t keep away from. Slender but with all the curves to keep your pulse racing and with long dark hair, she moves with the grace of a panther. It is no wonder she is so much in demand with our clients. She loves to meet new men and is remarkably bold with her sensuality. She is amazing in the bedroom and makes all her clients fall in love with her. Clients have called her a hourie from paradise because she possesses skills that are unparalleled in the city. Besides being most desirable in bed, she is an excellent conversationalist and knows exactly how to put you at ease with her friendly manner.  Some clients are awkward the first time they meet with our Russian girls, and feel very self -conscious. Sonia is just one of our Russian girls who understands this, and like all of our ladies can make you feel completely easy about your date with them.    WITH MORE THAN 30,000 CLIENTS EVERY MONTH, WE KNOW YOU WILL FIND EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AT FUN GIRLS ESCORT. If you want to spend an evening with a delightful date, just give us a call at Fun Girls Escorts and we will arrange a date for you which you won’t forget.   MEET REAL SEXUAL PARTNERS TODAY, CALL FUN GIRLS ESCORT SERVICE TODAY

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Two at the Same Time

Two At the Same time Threesomes are among the top three fantasies that a man has so the statistics say. But this dream is not so easy to manifest in normal circumstances. The difficulties pertaining to this situation are many, for instance where would you find such uninhibited ladies who would agree to pleasure you together, or even if you did find such a duo, you might run the risk of giving one of them less attention than the other especially if they were amateurs or personal friends. If this is what lights up your imagination then Fun Girls Escort service has the solution to your problem. The girls, as the name suggests, are open to all kinds of fun things to do for you.  Picture this, you have a pretty young girl using her mouth on you while another pretty young girl using her talents on other parts of your body. Pure pleasure wouldn’t you say? Another way to look at this is that you can have a variety of ladies at the same time. For example, you might have a preference for small petite women but also like her to be endowed with a lusty body, now you can have both- It’s a trip to heaven and back! It gives you the chance to choose your contrasting escorts and to make your wildest fantasies come true. Our escorts who go on such special dates are very often bisexual, which  doubles the pleasure you have as a man, as the girls are very natural in their behavior with each other in front of you. For a date like this to really heat up, you can get a little “action “ going  between the girls for your viewing pleasure before you jump in with them. This visual stimulation makes it a winner for you to join in the fun. For our girls Client satisfaction is at the acme of their ambition, and they are sensitive to your needs and do all they can to make your date with them a memorable one.

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My Date with Pooja

My Date with Pooja Variety is the Spice of Life, so the saying goes, and keeping this in mind, I decided to look up Pooja, through Fun Girls Escorts in Mahipalpur. My date with her was fixed by them as an Out Call, and as I waited, I held my breath, wondering if she would be as beautiful as she had been shown in the profile. Then she walked in and she was everything and more than I had asked for.She was warm and friendly from the start, and her smile was sunshine and welcoming. I felt very comfortable with her as well as being extremely attracted to her. The conversation was soft and interesting and my evening started warming up as I was already having a good time. Later that evening, when we went up to my room, I could hardly wait to experience this warm and gentle lady. It was mindblowing! She knew all the right buttons to push. When she gave me a blowjob I almost lost my mind, I had never had one like that before. Her caresses and warm kisses got me going again, and I was ready to try something else. She understood my mood immediately, and got on top of me. She was a good rider and I enjoyed every thrust till I couldn’t stop myself from cumming. In the quiet that followed while I caught my breath, she lay down beside me stroking my body to calm me. The very action of doing that gave me such mental satisfaction, it was like a lover who cared for me. This was turning out to be the perfect girlfriend experience for me. I looked at her and she smiled that smile again, and encouraged me to touch her all over, which I did most eagerly. She was soft and smooth, with a firm body and I found myself excited again. She then went into my favorite position – doggie style, and I reached heaven and saw all the stars before my eyes. My time with Pooja was over and she had to leave. As she said goodbye, I promised myself I would call Fun Girls Escorts service very soon so that I could be with her again.

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