My Date with Pooja

Variety is the Spice of Life, so the saying goes, and keeping this in mind, I decided to look up Pooja, through Fun Girls Escorts in Mahipalpur. My date with her was fixed by them as an Out Call, and as I waited, I held my breath, wondering if she would be as beautiful as she had been shown in the profile. Then she walked in and she was everything and more than I had asked for.She was warm and friendly from the start, and her smile was sunshine and welcoming. I felt very comfortable with her as well as being extremely attracted to her.

The conversation was soft and interesting and my evening started warming up as I was already having a good time. Later that evening, when we went up to my room, I could hardly wait to experience this warm and gentle lady. It was mindblowing! She knew all the right buttons to push. When she gave me a blowjob I almost lost my mind, I had never had one like that before. Her caresses and warm kisses got me going again, and I was ready to try something else. She understood my mood immediately, and got on top of me. She was a good rider and I enjoyed every thrust till I couldn’t stop myself from cumming.

In the quiet that followed while I caught my breath, she lay down beside me stroking my body to calm me. The very action of doing that gave me such mental satisfaction, it was like a lover who cared for me. This was turning out to be the perfect girlfriend experience for me.

I looked at her and she smiled that smile again, and encouraged me to touch her all over, which I did most eagerly. She was soft and smooth, with a firm body and I found myself excited again. She then went into my favorite position – doggie style, and I reached heaven and saw all the stars before my eyes.

My time with Pooja was over and she had to leave. As she said goodbye, I promised myself I would call Fun Girls Escorts service very soon so that I could be with her again.

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